Story and the Art and Craft of Writing

Taught by bestselling author and screenwriter Michaelbrent Collings
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Michaelbrent Collings
Michaelbrent Collings
Bestselling author and screenwriter

About the Instructor

Michaelbrent Collings is an internationally-bestselling author, multiple Bram Stoker Award nominee, produced screenwriter, and one of the top indie horror writers in the U.S.

You can find MbC's website here, or email him directly if you have comments or questions.

Welcome to a whole new approach to writing!

Internationally-bestselling novelist, attorney, and produced screenwriter Michaelbrent Collings has been working with words for over two decades, and for the last ten years has provided writing assistance to more people than he can remember. Now he is offering to share the secrets he has learned... with you!

In this comprehensive course, you will learn about the art and craft of writing everything from novels to poetry to screenplays. Some of what you will learn:

The Elements of Storytelling

  • The single indicator of a "real" writer.
  • Origins of story
  • Principles of Telling a Story
  • Structure, aka, the mysterious "three act arc"
  • Why character matters
  • Dialogue tools and tricks
  • Conflict and how to create it while "keeping it real"
  • Setting as Character
  • Principles of Suspense - the most important tool of any successful writer
  • Principles of Horror/Comedy (and why they are almost the same thing)
  • Principles of Mystery
  • Principles of Romance
  • Principles of Sci-fi/Fantasy
  • Anatomy of a scene
  • The Secret to Never Getting Writers Block

The ONLY Kinds of Prose Writing

  • Novels
  • Plays
  • Screenplay
  • Comics/Graphic Novels (aka "the bastard child")

Poetry - More Than Just a Great way to Fall Asleep

  • Defining Poetry
  • Common Characteristics of Poetry
  • Applying Poetry Principles to "Real Writing"

The Strange Story of Novels

  • History of the novel
  • Novel format
  • Novel structure

The Commercial Side of Writing

  • Dealing with contracts
  • Differences between electronic publishing and traditional publishing
  • Selling in the Electronic Age

And much more!

So sit back, grab a pen and paper for notes... and let's get writing!

Course Contents

28 Videos
25 PDFs
7.0 hrs

Story and the art and craft of writing - taught by international bestseller Michelbrent Collings

Lesson 2: Origins Continued & Story Basics
Lesson 3: Do You Have What it Takes to be a "Real" Writer?
Lesson 5: Poetry in Prose
Lesson 6: Principles of Storytelling: What do all "Good" Stories Have in Common?
Lesson 7: Principles of Storytelling: Know Your Audience
Lesson 8: Story Structure - It all Starts With a Wish
Lesson 9: Temporality: When the Heck am I?
Lesson 10: Character: Saying Everything With Nothing
Lesson 11: Dialogue: Helpful Hints
Lesson 12: Conflict: Can't We All Just Not Get Along?
Lesson 13: Setting in Story
Lesson 14: Scene: The Basic Building Block
Lesson 15: What is This "Genre" Thing?
Lesson 16: The Suspense is Killing Me!
Lesson 17: Horror and Comedy: We Die Laughing
Lesson 18: Mystery: A Little Bit Backwards
Lesson 19: Romance: Literary Hook-ups
Lesson 20: Sci-fi and Fantasy: Lasers and Dragons and Singing, Oh My!
Lesson 21: Theme (Whatever THAT is)
Lesson 22: Senses in Storytelling: When it's Good to Stink
Lesson 23: Modes of Storytelling
Lesson 24: The LIE of Writer's Block
Lesson 25: Differences Between Trad-pub and E-pub
Conclusion: Go Forth and Write